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Do you charge a sales fee or commission?
No. It's completely free to list on LushPad. We don't charge a listing fee, or a commission on anything sold on our site.

How do you moderate ads?
Once you list your item on our site, your ad goes into a moderation queue that we review to make sure your items fit with the LushPad mandate of used high-quality contemporary designer furniture, and vintage mid-century modern furniture and accessories.

Your ad should go live within 24 hours. We will email you to let you know if it's been accepted or rejected.

If you have ANY questions about our listing process, please contact us via our contact page. We'll get you set up on the right path.
Approximately how long to receive a registration confirmation email?
Your LushPad Registration confirmation is sent immediately. If you do not receive it, you should check your junk mail folder in case it has been redirected there. If you still can't find your confirmation email, you can contact us through the site and we will manually activate your account.
I can't add my website address. What gives?
Our site doesn't allow linking within the ads, but if you'd like to buy a featured ad, there's a special field you can add your URL.
How does your Condition rating system work?
The condition rating system is broken to five levels. It's important to be honest in your assessment of the condition of the item you're listing.

Excellent - A brand new, unused piece or a used piece in mint condition. No detectable wear and tear.

Very Good - Wear and tear is practically undetectable. There are no obvious nicks or scratches. All parts are accounted for and fully functional.

Good - The piece shows a modicum of wear and tear, or some very light scratches, but is presentable.

Fair - Scratches and worn or loose components can be easily repaired.

Poor - The piece requires significant repair, or parts in good condition can be used to refurbish another piece.
What do you do with my personal information?
We keep your personal information private. Your passwords are encrypted within our system so no person at Lushpad has knowledge of it. Please keep your password safe.

We do not sell, trade or give any third parties your information. What you store with us, remains with us.

If you have elected to receive our newsletter or other information from us, we will email you sporadically to send you quality information, promotions and the inside track on any competitions we may hold in the future.

You can unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of any newsletters we send.
How long does my ad run for?
You ad runs for a full 30 days before it expires. You'll receive a reminder email before your ad expires so you can renew it if you choose.
How do I register?
Registering is fast, easy and FREE. Just click on Register at the top right hand corner of the site and fill out the appropriate fields.
What is considered an original?
Furniture & Accessories - Authentic Originals are pieces from the mid-century era or from the era they were initially designed. They usually have a makers mark, or high quality manufacturing (joints put together well, expensive upholstering, etc.).

Licensed Originals are classic designs that are manufactured by the company who holds the license to the original design. For iconic pieces of mid-century design, these are usually easy to names to recognize such as Herman Miller, Vitra, Knoll, Cassina, etc.

Fine Art - An original piece of fine art is traceable back to the artist via signature and provenance. It is also usually a one-off.
I bought an item but did not receive it. Are you guys to blame?
It's unfortunate if this situation has happened to you, but Lushpad is not liable. We only provide a platform for people to buy and sell.

We will however do our best to help you resolve this situation. Once the situation has been fully assessed and it proves that the seller is in error, we will ban seller from our site permanently.
How do I post an ad?
To post an ad you have to be registered with Lushpad. Registration is simple, quick and FREE. Once registered you can click on SELL in the top navigation. This will lead you through a series of steps to create your ad.
All ads are FREE but are moderated by lushpad before going live. This is in order to keep the quality of the content on lushpad high. For $5 you can upgrade your ad which will highlight your ad on the main page and in the results listings, include your company URL in your ad, and allow your ad to go live immediately.
How do I ship furniture?
Shipping furniture can be a complex process, which is why we recommend you try to buy locally.

We have an in-depth article on shipping furniture nationally and internationally on our site.
What if I can't find what I'm looking for?
If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to post a Wanted ad! They're absolutely free to post, and we send notifications out to all the dealers / stores who list on our site to help find the item you're looking for as quickly as possible.
Can Dealers list on your site?
Yes! We welcome dealers and store owners to post as many items as you want. If you send us a quick email, we'll also be sure to promote your listings on our social media channels.
Does it cost anything to sell on LushPad?
Listing on Lushpad is absolutely free, but there is a moderation period of up to 24 hours to make sure that the ads meet our requirements.

If you'd like to bypass this moderation period, you can choose to post your ad as a featured ad for $5.
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