3 Great Resources for Modern wallpaper

It’s always difficult to find great wallpaper that will give your house a unique look. We know. We’ve looked! So we’re sharing our research with you. We’ve found 3 amazing wallpaper sources, all with shipping services for those who don’t live close to one of their locations.

Walnut Wallpaperweb site
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Walnut Wallpaper has a great variety of modern wallpaper designs, as well as vintage offerings. We’ve shown a few of our favorites here but there are many, many more to be seen on their web site. Samples available upon request.

Timorous Beastiesweb site
Location: Glasgow and London, UK

We’ve been fans of Timorous Beasties for a number of years now and love their unique hand-printed designs – some with a slightly gothic feel. They’re well-known for their Euro Damask – Their interpretation of Damask using European coastlines and cartographical contours.

“These new patterns are very textural. Euro Damask is made up of actual European coastlines; Butterfly is an extension of Euro Damask: we took the outline of a butterfly and exaggerated the contours, using coastlines as influences to get the fractured edge. Within that we printed a finely drawn detail of the wing patterns.”

Bradbury Wallpaperweb site
Location: North America

Bradbury is truly a great resource for all styles of wallpaper. They have Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Modernism, Damasks, and matching fabrics. The Modernism category if choc full of great stuff from the Post War Era, the Atomic Age, and the Groovy 60s. You can contact them directly online to have samples and rolls shipped out to you.

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